Work Life balance and success.


After uploading your resume on almost all  Job websites on the internet you eventually have a Brighter Monday ; but Is your current job the career you always loved to achieve? what about that Boss whom you believe has fewer  Harvard and Oxford university degrees than you do.The Payslip is lean but you can't just quit your meager salary and Job.

Soon you realized  Job searching  doesn't always  meet an opportunity; but when it does,how  do you  manage your work life.
 Here are ten tips that will help you manage your work life.

1. Be grateful.

Being thankful for a job is the quickest way to find happiness. Just think of all the job seekers who would love a shot at your spot, and you will instantly be happier.

2. Start job searching.

Use this trick sparingly! If you’re really unhappy, the easiest way to feel like you’re in control of your life again is to start job searching. Even if you don’t apply for anything, you will at least feel like you are in charge. Before deciding, be sure you’re ready to leave your current employer. You wouldn’t want to make a hasty decision and end up in a new job you don’t like.

3. Enjoy the little things.

Do you have a friend at work? Is your workplace close to one of your favorite lunch spots? Focusing on the little things will help make parts of your day more enjoyable.This would limit your occupational therapy schedules.

4. Make your home a safe place.

For work life balance; if you’re having trouble at work, make sure you’re coming home to a calming spot. Filling your home with your favorite fragrance, coffee, or mementos will help you relax after a stressful day.

5. Decide: bad day, bad week, or bad job?

A really rough day can make anyone’s job look like the worst workplace ever. Take some time to identify if you are having a temporarily bad time, or if you are truly in a bad situation. Realizing that you’re just having a bad day will help you get through it and get on to a good day.

6. Eat healthy.

Remember: you are what you eat. Put nutritious food in your body. Eating junk will only make you feel worse about your life–and that will include your job.

7. Have a hard talk with your boss.

If there are a few things making you miserable at work, don’t be scared to talk to your boss. Maybe you’re having a hard time with a coworker, or maybe you need a more challenging project. If so, talk to your boss. There might be something he or she can do to fix it.

8. Stay away from negativity.

Negativity is a disease. It breeds. In every office there is at least one person who is the “Debbie Downer.” If you’re having a hard time at work, stay away from these people. It will only make you feel worse. Find positive people who will lift you up.  Positive people often have the most power in the workplace. You could make a connection with someone who can help you make changes to your workplace.

9. Follow your passion.

Sometimes people at work are unhappy because they aren’t getting a chance to pursue projects they are passionate about. If this is you, start pitching. Pitch a project to your boss that involves something you’re passionate about. Then, volunteer to take the lead. This will show leadership skills, and you’ll get the chance to do something you care about. That’s a workplace “win-win!”  If your boss says no, don’t be upset. Just try to get to know what your boss wants done, and find a way to weave your passion into a project he or she cares about.

10. Make a friend.

The happiest workers are people who have a “best friend” at work. So, make one. It doesn’t have to be the most popular person or the smartest person. You want to look for someone who is positive, someone you can joke with, and someone who is nice. Then, you can have someone to lift you up when you have a bad day, and you can do the same for them. If you have to work somewhere eight hours every day, you might as well have a friend there, right?

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