Discover 10 invaluable things MONEY can never buy

    Even if you have millions of dollars stuffed in your Local Bank, there are some things that you'll never have with money alone. You earn big money online from home but So what can't money buy??! :


     And ultimately time is the one thing we never have enough of.The only moment of time that you truly have is right now. Once this moment is gone, it is gone and you can’t get it back. When you don’t use this moment to tell someone that you love them or forgive them you may never get another chance. The same goes for opportunities. If a great opportunity comes your way and you pass it up, it may never come back again. The past keeps us stuck, the future is the field of opportunities, but now is the time for action.


    While true that “money can't buy happiness”, it at least provides some security. Being poor is never something that one strives to attain.

    Nevertheless; Only YOU can give yourself lasting happiness.Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy . It is a state of mind–something you choose. 

    Watching happiness movies or Spending Money can only buy fleeting happiness. It rarely lasts and soon you are searching for another happiness fix.

    Pure Love

    Money can't buy Love ??. ... That's not just a Wall Street thing, either. ... Bloomberg swooped in: "Just remember: Pure Love can never buy money!! This is partly why you find many on GOOGLE "How to get back your Ex."
    Love is special. It is that magical feeling we all want. It is a feeling of being honestly special, blessed, and cared for.


    Wisdom as set up: it's the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight. The more you experience things and events in life the more you are aware of how things work or don’t.  The Solomonic Wisdom can't be any expensively shopped neither from EBAY nor AMAZON

    Talents are a group of aptitudes useful for some activities. This naturally acquired potentialities cant be likened to  small business licensing in florida or content mastery by Professors at MIT  or world class Universities.
    Everyone is born with a unique talent. For some it very obvious, as in the music prodigy who picks up a violin at age three and begins to play. For others it may take more time to uncover. Regardless of whether it is immediately obvious or not, we all have that one thing that we are very good at. Discovering your natural talent is a gift which no amount of money can buy.


    While a Child,one is filled with curiosity. You want to know why, You take things apart to see what is inside,exploring fearlessly and asking questions with blunt honesty. As adults much of this natural curiosity has been cropped off and replaced by fear and anxiety. Curiosity Rovers do not only spend Bilions of Dollars : That is why NASA curiosty Mars Rovers are not only trained but are naturally curious.

    Not only is Trust   the leading value-for-money brand for digital lifestyle accessories with over 300 products for tablet, desktop pc, laptop, gaming, smartphone and TV ; it is the only thing in life.
    Trust an essential human value that is at the heart of all relationships. Trust is a choice we make towards another when they have earned our confidence. Trust quotes or Money can’t buy back someone’s trust when it has been broken. Honest change can but partly.

    Life purpose

    Why are we born, where do we come from?‎
    Everyone has a purpose in life.
    Let's say you're feeling unmotivated, unsure of yourself, aimless, can't find your passion, directionless, not clear on what your purpose in life is. You're in good company — most people are in the same boat. Now, there about a million things online telling you how to find your passion in life, and that's a good thing.Do it yourself :tthey only ignite your interest.


    Life is a characteristic distinguishing physical entities having biological processes, it's  a MIRACLE. It is a miracle that we don’t give much notice to. Mostly, it is taken for granted. We are born. We live each day without much awareness of all the miraculous things happening in our body. It is only when something is not functioning well that we pay attention. Life is not purely dependent on money for example Sophie Turner Plastic Surgery!! Money can help to keep it healthy, but the essence of life itself does not require money.

    Money is very good at buying "things" - that is, material objects. If you want a Ferrari or a mansion or a Picasso, you darn well better get a bunch of money but all these is because of CHOICE: You don't buy.

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