What those who love their Lives do differently.

Give yourself A floatation Therapy
"I love my Life!!" That is prolific to most peoples mindset .But how many people really do? If you ever come across the lucky few who genuinely do love the life they are living, you might think, “What are they doing differently?” If that thought has ever crossed your mind, here are 7 things that guys do, that you can too…once you make the decision
1. They know that life is short.

Life is short and We only get ONE shot.
Are you living your dreams? High on life? Jumping out of bed in the morning to live your purpose?...

2. They aren’t demanding of other people’s attention.

If you’re happy and love the life you are living, there is no need to be the constant center of attention. They understand happiness is within and trust no one more that themselves.

3. They are wise with where they spend their money.

Happy people who love their lives realize that being impulsive or careless with their money will have negative consequences. They don't spend before they earn though they budget for their expected income.

4. They are in touch with their feelings.

Humans are soul beings and emotions are must...While they can’t guarantee that their emotions will always be good, people who love their lives allow themselves to feel and express emotions. They realize that feelings are part of life and they don’t repress them carelessly

5. They claim their own power.

In other words, they don’t let anyone control their world. For example: if someone says or something nasty to them, they don’t let it ruin their life. They change what they can, accept what they can’t, and let the negative emotions flow through them so they don’t let other people control how they feel.

6. They roll with the punches.
Life never goes the way we expect. People who love their lives know this. They know that the unexpected can happen, but they don’t let it stop them from being happy. They simply shift gears and find another direction.

7. They know how to control their actions.

Some people think their actions are a result of some outside force. How many times have you heard, “She made me yell because she said something stupid!” No. No one makes you yell but you. Yes, people can make you angry, but what you do with that anger–and how you channel it into action–is another story. People who love their lives know this.

Apparently " The most important decision of your life, the one that will affect every other decision you make, is the commitment to love and accept yourself.

          Gone are the days of the old saying ‘fake it till you make it’ – you dont need to act fradulently, its not about faking out others, its about faking out the voice in your own head. Act as if you know how to be a CEO, act as if you’ve already received the promotion when you pitch your boss for it; it will help you transcend the fear and self doubt inherent in taking a career leap.
                        Christine Comaford-Lynch

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  1. Act as if you know how to be a CEO, act as if you’ve already received the promotion


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