This' the modern metals ore that ladies call fashion

pierced ear lobe
Pierced ear lobe

Afraid of Fashion? Then ask yourself:
Is the modern lady bewitched by fashion? If you’ve been at the Eagle’s view point you won’t take seconds to say yes…From the Capital Cities, University streets and even Village pathways; you won’t miss a glance of these overrated Fashion seekers.
But is fashion best expressed by how many manholes on someone’s body?
Maasai serrated and massively punched earlobes are tourist attractions…Yes! The latest appetite by the modern lady to perforate everything everywhere is nauseating…I said it. This is nevertheless a culture not driven by realistic fashion but nasty peer intoxication.
 Apparently not a rite of passage, ritual appeasement of the ancestral gods or the livestock branding practice: Huh; who are the butcher men trading these pieces of flesh extruded from their navels, earlobes, labia …? Sorry but I have to call a spade a big spoon…
Multi-piercing-ear lobe
Multi-piercing-ear lobe
Trending from media celebrities, movie superstars and needless to mention; some cooperate bigwigs… You must have walked in an office only to find pieces of jewelry leaning on the visitor’s book. Don’t be in rush walking out lest you miss out on that life changer Job interview.  Not pieces of fashion; that will be the Human Resource officer…A siesta after a busy Half day.
 Don’t marvel, this is how far fashion has gone. A modern girl in one weekday afternoon will over extend the street hawkers’ weighing machine Scale. Imaginably, 1 kg of Diamond bracelet, 2 kg of gold necklace, and 1 kg of forged bronze coated carbon bangles. Only if I was the City shuttle’s tout; I won’t hesitate letting them pay double the fare…They should pay for their luggage.
In fact they don’t shop for earrings but weapon like metallic blades and pans. I do pity their earlobes, they have been converted in precious metals vaults. They weep in disguise as they sag sympathetically; they must as long as their masters need their donkey services since they believe in makeup; they have been corrupted with cosmetics.
Timid to take a single prescribed tetanus injection though will hurriedly deliver their rather perfectly modeled body parts for perforation by blunt metals. Do these backstreet cosmetic surgeons even care about their clientele? I doubt. Are they licensed medicine simulators? It is no longer rare to find some fashionistas with swollen earlobes; from fry pan to fire!!…This is few of the many modern girls whom Fashion has mercilessly punished and rejected.
Hate Neither  Fashion nor socialites? Not me...I only when it’s excessively exaggerated.

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