How Not To Be Poor .

If you have never discovered what poverty is then you will be marveled  realizing how Bill Gates , Larry Page, POTUS and Pope Francis works so hard to make a Life .
Is life only about Dollars?
Definitely with money life is more canaan.And what are this life skills that one needs to embrace to escape this live cancer; #poverty .?
These are 10 life hacking life skills that will  get you miles away from #poverty .

1. Arrange to be born Wealthy

2.Get a descent full time job after getting your useful degree 
3.Don't spend all your lifetime savings on #pizza , video games and PS.

4.Give a man a gun and he can Rob a bank.Give a man a bank and he can Rob the world. Get a honest #hustle

5.Get a degree! It magically erases generations of poverty since Education is the greatest equalizer.

6.Never wait for a job ,start off for your buddy,Dad's jewellery shop or just work on your hobbies.

7.Don't spend before you earn unless you are an adopted poddle.

8.Mark time for government grants ,bursaries and incentives so that you always save your dollars.

9.Fear not taking that life risk ,force an upgrade. Life is not meant to remain static...Why spent in the same for a century when you can stay in the CBD?

10.Just draw a budget even when you got no will help you set your spending priorities on track ,No impulse buying on Wallstreet.

The Bloggers Pen glides not only when the society enters the command "blog" but also when the society demands to be #InspiredByCaptain .
If life savings skills are what will save this global village then let this blog get to eternity.
The comments are not only additional life skills but the oxygen that propells this Evergreen Billboard above other Evergreen Billboards on Mywheels and Captainteknics in Kenya .

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