The Retired Genius (TRG)

It is 20th October, the 'employed' Kenyans are all at smiles,  celebrating a day away from their bosses. To the employers and other Kenyans, it's a normal public holiday where the ruling class under umbrellas address their fellow countrymen who by then drenched in sweat under the midday Sun.
Aside,  Waliuba Nakiboli Gilbert would be shuffling  Sonko's streets in search of a better cake house.
The Facebook Hbd Autosender robots will have long been overwhelmed by the 3980 friends ; each yearning to pass the message; "congratulations Waliuba  for joining the list of heroes and Happy Mashujaa Day."

Late in the evening , Waliuba  will visit his facebook page and write . " goodness , God bless You all my pals who wished me well..Thanks " ..Very few would reply; "welcome". These Facebook Robots or Birth Day Cards Apps!

It is the 21st century, Uchumi Supermarket could be closing down on account of declined sales of Birthday cards. He shall pounce out of his dream shouting yes we can  the Obama style: afterall all kenyans are cousins to the USA's 44th president. He shall then pick up his dry pen and scribble his signature  before poking @CynthiaOprah  on facebook who won't miss out at the comments.
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