How the Kenyan Youths hold the “do or die Kenya - 2017”

How the Kenyan Youths hold the “do or die Kenya - 2017”

kenyan youths for change-2017
kenyan youths for change-2017

Traditionally dabbed: “The leaders of tomorrow.” These crop of Kenyan citizens constitutionally identified to be persons of age 18-35 years.

Undoubtedly, the Kenyan youth is the most ambitious person; they harbor the greatest energy and fresh minds that could explore the state of heaven and hell on planet Mars before NASA. Economic demographics also list them as the poorest favor seeking organism who would love their Mpesa accounts to swell suddenly after a $0.5 Sportpesa and Pambazuka national lottery.

The Kenyan youth is the most valuable client for the political merchants. Hasn’t it been witnessed before: youths deployed to kill and maim political opposition? Can $10 buy a surrogate mum or maintain a test-tube baby?

The Kenyan youths have since independence striven to hold senior political positions in government. Predecessors like Senior Counsel Orengo have struggled since turbulent campus day politics. Who knows not, the TIBIIM founder: Hon Babu Owino- Paul Ongili? Youths have feasted on teargas, live bullets just to demonstrate their urge for national inclusivity in decision making.

Get the money then power!
Most youths are poor church mice. Can you really manage a leadership battle lased with voter bribery and loyalty baiting? Can a Kenyan youth who can’t afford $30 rent for an apartment in Githurai afford $30000 for voter bribery in a county assembly ward in Kiambu?

Sadly, the wanjikus (the local mwanachi) has been sandwiched in a caucus of archaeological reasoning: “Build a home, marry an unmarried someone, get some kids… pray that you get to attend several funerals in the village: MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS MENTIONED IN FUNERALS and local radio and TV stations like Inooro FM, kameme FM, Sulwe FM, Magharibi TV! A sure bet for a political seat in Kenya. Assuredly, this only leaves the Kenyan youth a bewildered robbery smelling organism; full of unmatched ambitions

The power of the ballot! This is what the Kenyan youth holds; these young adults occupy near 50% of the IEBC register. 
Kenyan youths abroad- say no to corruption
Kenyan youths abroad- say no to corruption

What if they turned up 100%?

That 8th dawn shall be brick red,

The sun ready to scorch earth,

The white vultures many on the village acacia,

Kenya shall be imagined a slaughter house,

“Vita vya panzi furaha ya kunguru”

The Kenyan youths armed with arrows,

Drop them in ballot boxes massively,

More ballot boxes IEBC shall request,

Al Ghurair Centre busy again,

For the arrows so many flooding the boxes,

And so history shall be written,

Vultures feast on Mexico grains,

Slaughter house closed, billboards shall read.

The lioness shall have delivered the lion,

The jungle hares shall weep but change unstoppable,

The animal farm shall blossom under the new king,

And the large white pigs shall starve not coz the new king shall feed them all.

The tumultuous time for the youths has come, with their might: let them turn out in large numbers and vote for that youth liking leaders they have been dreaming of.

Eng. G.W Nakiboli
G.W Nakiboli

“What if they turned up 100%”


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