However strong a person can be ,they can never run away from reality. Perhaps fate would be so lazy and less cunning to spare them!

Love and romantic relationships are inevitable in someone's lifetime. some will always claim; "I would rather break my limb than break my heart. " Only to find themselves creating a love cycle-: get angry ,hate ,forget and love again!!
Undoubtedly, bumpy rides must always come at least for once on whoever's path.

These Top 10 Ways to Solve Relationship Problems Quickly and Easily are designed with your needs in mind and to teach you how to have a stronger, longer lasting relationship today.

#1.Think About Their Feelings

Always take into consideration your partner’s feelings. Remember, a relationship is a two way street and you both have feelings that need to be nurtured and cared for.

#2 Owe Up To Your Mistakes

If you made a mistake, admit it and move on. There is no sense in harboring bad feelings over something that you did and you regret. Fix the problem, move on and get on with your life.

#3. Show You Care

Showing your partner that you care about their feelings, their emotions and their thoughts will help solve relationship fights quickly and let you both enjoy a happier, healthier relationship.

#4. Keep Trying

Don’t give up on your relationship. Just like anything else that you want in life, your relationship is important and you should keep working at it to make it better every day.

#5. Resolve Issues

Don’t go to bed mad. For that matter, don’t go anywhere mad at each other. Resolve the issue right away so you are thinking about it all day and letting it ruin your mood.

#6. Apologize

Saying you are sorry is the biggest step in quickly solving a relationship fight? If you can apologize for something that you did, it shows that you care and that you are willing to work on the issue.

#7. Don’t Generalize, Be Specific

Be specific when you discuss problems. Generalizing only makes a problem worse because although you know what you are trying to say, your partner might not and generalizing only makes matters worse.

#8. Surprise Each Other

Doing things for each other or surprising each other with gifts is a sure way to help alleviate the stress of an argument or fight and can even settle many smaller relationship disputes.

#9. Use Cooperation

Cooperating with each other is the key to solving relationship fights quickly. You are a team and you should act as such. Doing things together can help strengthen this bond and make you both happier in your relationship.

#10. Avoid Yelling or Any Other Abusive Behavior

Never yell, threaten violence or hurt your partner. This is not the way to solve a problem and will lead to future problems that you don’t need. Talk things out in a rational manner and always respond to each other in a calm, collected manner

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